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  • Divorces with one or more children under the age of 21, are $1500.00, plus the filing fees of $350.00.
  • Divorces with no children, but the parties have joint assets and/or joint debts, are $1250.00, plus the filing fees of $350.00.
  • Divorces with no children, and there are no jointly held assets or debts, are $1000.00 plus the filing fees of $350.00.
  • If one party, has agreed to transfer his or her interest in the marital residence to the other party, I can draft the deed paperwork and record the deed for an additional $300.00, plus the filing fees (usually about $200.00).
  • If a QDRO needs to be prepared to transfer an interest in a retirement account, I may be able to help you with this for an additional fee depending on the circumstances.
  • Make Your Payment online or call 716-656-7676, or contact me for other payment methods.
  • Fill out and Submit the Secure Online Uncontested Divorce Questionnaire. You will be redirected to the Questionnaire after the online payment is made, or you will be sent the link or a copy of an offline form if you prefer.
  • After I review your Questionnaire I will contact you to discuss the terms of your divorce if they are unclear to me, or you may contact me to discuss the terms if you need help with them.
  • I will draft the Summons and Complaint and File them with the Clerk.
  • I will then draft the Divorce Agreement and the Defendant's Affidavit, and send them to you for review.
  • Once the agreement is signed by both of you, and the defendant's affidavit is signed by your spouse, you will return them to me, and I will send you some other papers that just you have to sign.
  • You will return the signed documents.
  • I will submit the papers to the Judge for Signature.
  • I will Record the Judgment and other papers with the County Clerk after the judge signs them.
  • I will send you, and your spouse, Notice of Entry, and you will both will receive a Certified Copy of the Judgment of Divorce, and a Date Stamped Copy of your Divorce Agreement.

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Price Includes Filing Fees ($350.00), and a Settlement Agreement that resolves all issues of the marriage.

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