FAQ - NY Uncontested Divorce


How Much Does it Cost for an Uncontested Divorce in NY?

Which Services Do You Select on this Website?

You will select from a list of three (3) payment amounts depending on your situation. You will see on the Payments page drop-down menu that the three (3) payment options are based on whether you have Children under age 21, and/or whether you have Joint Assets or Joint Debts. Joint Assets are Assets owned by both of you because both names are on the deed or title. Joint Debts are debts in both your names. If you need additional legal services to transfer Real Estate to your Spouse, or need a partial distribution of your Pension, 401k, or IRA to your Spouse, they cost extra but we can discuss a price at a later date.

What Payment Methods are Available?

You can pay online with PayPal by Debit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express by going to the Payments page. You can also pay with Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Certified Bank Checks, Credit/Debit Cards, or by PayPal Invoice.

How Long Will It Take To Process the Uncontested/No-Fault Divorce Paperwork?

It depends on the cooperation of your spouse, and the backlog at the courthouse, but, generally speaking the Divorce can be completed in a couple of months. Divorce is a process and the time it takes depends on a lot of things.

Do I need to pay for a Legal Process Server?

No, if your spouse cooperates.

Will I have to Go To Court?

No, Uncontested Divorces are done by submitting papers to the Court.

Will I Need To Travel to Your Office?

No, all communications can be done via Email, Telephone, and U.S. Mail.

Who Does The Lawyer Represent?

I represent you, not your spouse. If your spouse needs legal advice, your spouse should consult an attorney of his or her own.

What is the Procedure for Completing Your Uncontested Divorce?

How Do I Get Started Processing My No-Fault/Uncontested Divorce Papers?

Click Payments to get started, or contact me below, or call me at the number above for a free telephone consultation.