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How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost in New York

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NY Divorce Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce or No Fault Divorce Cost

The ATTORNEY FEE for an Uncontested Divorce Costs between $1000.00 and $1500.00 depending on the circumstances (not including the filing fees).

The FILING FEES usually cost a total of $350.00. Some juridictions near NYC charge an additional $45.00 for a motion.

Which Services Do I Select on this website?

After you click "Start Your Uncontested Divorce Now", you will select from a list of three (3) payment amounts depending on your situation.

Joint Assets are Assets owned by both of you because both names are on the deed or title.

Joint Debts are debts in both your names.

If you need additional legal services to transfer Real Estate to your Spouse, or need a partial distribution of your Pension, 401k, or IRA to your Spouse, they cost extra but we can discuss a price at a later date.

What Payment Methods are Available?

You can pay online with your Paypal account or by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and all the other payment options Paypal has to offer by clicking HERE.

You may also pay offline by sending a check or money order after contacting me by clicking HERE or by telephone (716-656-7676).

What Do You Get For Your Money?

Generally speaking, so long as both parties cooperate you will get a Judgement of Divorce with a Divorce Agreement that resolves all of the issues of the marriage including Custody, Child Support, Maintenance, Division of Property, and who gets the Income Tax Deduction for the Children, all reflecting what you have agreed.

How Long Will It Take?

It depends on the cooperation of your spouse, and the backlog at the courthouse, but, generally speaking the Divorce can be completed in a couple of months. Divorce is a process and the time it takes depends on a lot of things.

Do I need a Process Server?

No, if your spouse cooperates.

Will I have to Go To Court?

No, Uncontested Divorces are done by submitting papers to the Court.

Will I Need To Travel to Your Office?

No, all communications can be done via Email, Telephone, and U.S. Mail.

Who Does The Lawyer Represent?

I represent you, not your spouse. If your spouse needs legal advice, your spouse should consult an attorney of his or her own.

What are the Steps?

1)Select the correct Payment Button by clicking the link below or Get Divorced above.

2) Fill out the Uncontested Divorce Questionnaire (you will be redirected to the questionaire form after payment is made).

3) After I review your Questionnaire I will contact you to discuss the contents of your divorce agreement and/or other papers if your ageement is unclear to me.

4) I will draft the Summons and Complaint and File them with the Clerk.

5) I will draft the agreement first and send it to you for review before you show it to your spouse. Once the agreement is signed I will send the other papers to you for review and signatures.

6) You will return the executed documents.

7) I will submit the papers to the Judge for Signature.

8) I will Record the Judgment and other papers with your County Clerk.

9) I will send you and your Spouse Notice of Entry (you will both get certified copies of the Judgment of Divorce).

How Do I Get Started?

Click Get-Divorced to start your NY Uncontested Divorce NOW!.

Click Contact-Us to contact us for a free consultation first.

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